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Scared of Acids in your Skin Routine? Don’t Be


Please buy this acid or lay here while I put acid on you face!! I agree this would scare anyone even the most level headed person is probably thinking “Will this burn my face off?”- answer is no

Acid is usually associated with some gruesome revenge attack or some potent cleaning product, but fear not, the word acid or chemical peel is widely being accepted and the fear of these words and the actual products that contain them is slowly being accepted thanks to skincare guru Caroline Hirons who changed the way I view skincare and probably a few of you too. 

IG Poll

I did a recent poll on my instagram where 41% said that they are too scared to try acids or higher strength skincare. Upon delving deeper I saw that the majority of those scared were older (don’t know exact ages but I would say over 40’s) which led me to believe that its our younger generation that is possibly far less scared to use acids. (I guess social media has to be thanked!) 

poll showing for and against acids

Lets Educate – Our Skin Barrier is called the Acid Mantle!

Our skin has 3 main layers, the epidermis, dermis and the subcutaneous layer. The layer that sits on the top of all of this is our acid mantle also known as our skin barrier. Basically the subcutaneous layer is where our fat is, the dermis is where our hair is rooted and the upper layer is the epidermis which has 5 distinctive layers of its own. What sits on the top of all of this is a thin layer known to us as our Acid Mantle this is our Skin Barrier a watertight sheet that protects us from viruses, bacteria and pollution and most importantly its acidic, I know shocker right. So, if I was to say that we have acids naturally occurring in our skin you should feel less uneasy about acids.

Still not convinced ?  

Our body produces Hyaluronic Acid 

Yes, you heard me our body produces Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that magical ingredient that’s all the rage right now in the skincare world and honestly I say rightly so. HA is a humectant a substance that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water so yeh beat it dry skin. But seriously we naturally produce it and its in our bodies and eyes (yeh) and it retains water to keep us well lubricated and moist including our skin. 

Still not convinced ? 

Skincare Products – Yes! from Boots Contain Acids

I rest my case, most over the counter (OTC) products contain acids so unless you are buying home brewed oils or magical water then you are most likely buying a product with an acid in it. 

You have to be convinced now! or at least less scared!

So do try acids and let me know via WhatsApp if you would like to try an acid your unsure about and need some guidance.

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