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Mesotherapy Skin booster What is it ?

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What the F is Mesotherapy?

Written by Chelsea…

I’ll admit – I was a TOTAL newbie to the Aesthetics world and Mesotherapy in particular. Yes alright, we all know that girl who wants her lips plump, cheeks tight and has dreams of the BBL Kim K lifestyle. But I didn’t have any personal experience of how this industry works. Since meeting and connecting with Malieh, my eyes have really been opened in such a positive way to the world of surgical and non-surgical aesthetics.

I will also admit right now, in black and white, I NEVER WANTED ANY OF THIS. Ever! My goodness! The idea of sitting in a chair in some clinical white room, about to have a needle jabbed into my face to make me look better but not knowing the outcome was scary. I suppose for some that reality still is. But, let me tell you this; DO. YOUR. RESEARCH. Connect with your skincare specialist.

So, for me, I had zero idea about Mesotherapy or what is is also known as Skin boosters. I just assumed there was only under-the-knife treatments, needles and facials. That’s pretty much it. Mesotherapy is a new learning realm for me and actually, I prefer the entire method of it and safety that comes with it.


In basic format, Mesotherapy is a very safe, near pain-free method where vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and plant extracts are injected to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat if you want. THAT IS IT. And the UK are behind with this amazing method! France have cracked on and got on board with it for time. What are we waiting for?!

Malieh is all wondrous skincare facials, anti-ageing treatments, eye contour and Lipofirm treatments and comes from a non-medical background. Dr Kay is a Surgeon who comes from a medical background. To me, that is TWO very experienced Specialists from TWO different fields who have come together in harmony. Winner!

So from Malieh herself I asked what is Mesotherapy and what is the difference between filler. without trying to sound too technical she said; ‘ Mesotherapy or skin boosters are tiny little injections injected typically into the face, hair and body to rejuvenate the skin or hair. The results take some time to been seen since the product that is injected simulates the skin own cells and helps you produce more collagen and this treatment is great to help fine lines and wrinkles and aid in hydration” she then explained that fillers are different since fillers only essentially contour or act to restore volume loss something we start to experience most likely post 40 years old.


Burning question huh? I would comfortably say that when the time comes and I’m seeing at least 2 more crow’s feet creeping in, I’m headed my sorry self down to Chiswick and getting Malieh to book me in on the ASAP situation. If you had said to me just a week ago, “Oh hun, this Mesotherapy treatment is just what you need for those nearing ‘mid-30’s of yours” – I’d have been like “sorry what the…??” I’ve learnt fast and it has been interesting! Not once have I thought “I’ve never heard of this, so it is a hard no!” If anything, I’m more curious as it is definitely a lot safer than some of the methods and ingredients, I have heard of people using. SIGN ME UP!

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