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Malieh Skin | Luxury West London Specialist

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Written By Gabrielle – A Glass of Ice  – Thank you 🙂 – Check her out she is amazing and her style is so cute !

Malieh Skin | Luxury West London Specialist

”Look at that glow”, is what I say to myself after every visit to Malieh Skincare.  Located in Chiswick, I started visiting the clinic last year and quickly began looking forward to the monthly treatments.  Malieh is an accredited non-surgical skin specialist, who strives to make every woman comfortable with the ‘natural look’.  Each time, I opted for Mal’s Signature Bespoke Facial, 60-90 minute treatment entirely bespoke to skin type and condition.  Let’s take a peek inside Malieh’s clinic…

Nestled upstairs on the high street, the clinic looks out over residential areas of Chiswick and features a homely atmosphere, including plenty of texture and colour.   Malieh herself welcomes you with a glass of water and discusses any changes you’ve seen in your skin.  Your facial is then fully customised depending on your answers.  Calming music plays while your skin is treated to an assortment of curated beauty products, steam and other indulgences.  My favourite part?  The extractions.  I’ve never had such clear skin, time and time again!

If you’re looking for a private and welcoming clinic for facials in West London, Malieh Skincare is your answer.  I’ve never felt so good in my skin!

With love,

Gabrielle x

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