Lipofirm Pro - Treatment for your bum, tum and cellulite!

Lipofirm Pro Why you will want this treatment for your bum, tummy and cellulite!


How the non surgical TriLipo with DMA technology is the best solution for inch loss, body contouring, cellulite reduction and body tightening.

When it comes to getting the body of your dreams, exercising and eating the right foods isn’t always so easy. While diet and exercise obviously play an important role in how we look and feel, for some people, certain parts of the body just can’t be improved without a little extra help. For these people, the results of a non-surgical body contouring treatment can provide a beneficial boost of confidence.

Lipofirm is the perfect, 30 minutes, treatment for Inch loss, Cellulite, body contouring, skin tightening and fat reduction. Lipofirm uses two unique patented technologies, Tri-Lipo Radio Frequency and DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation). Applying these technologies gives you an effective fat reduction and a lifting effect on the skin.

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The Lipofirm technology is endorsed by clinical papers demonstrating its effectiveness and safety unlike others. It is completely non-surgical, there is no downtime, and most patients can see improved results after the first session. The safety and efficacy of this treatment has been proven in clinical trials and treatment is effective on all skin types.

Some of the benefits from the Lipofirm treatments are:
• Reduce body fat
• Provide long term inch loss
• Tighten and firm your skin
• Improve cellulite
• Facial contouring
• Reduce wrinkles
• Lift and tone muscles
• Detoxification and Improved Drainage


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What does it feel like ?

The treatment is quick and relatively painless. Most clients simply feel warmth and a tingling sensation. After this treatment produces no side effects on most patients, but on rare occasions the following effects may occur, although they are temporary. Bruising, excessive stinging, excessive and persistent redness, excessive swelling, crusting, blistering or burning.

Non-invasive body contouring treatments have gained a reputation over the past five years as a safe and reliable way to reduce fat in hard-to-treat areas. Lipofirm has been at the forefront of this non-invasive revolution. Offering unparalleled results, this Radio Frequency based device is innovative in its technology but safe enough to be used on even the most sensitive areas of the body.

Triple Action Tri-Lipo Technology

The Triple Action of Tri-Lipo technology consists of deep Radio Frequency heating combined with internal muscle contraction and external mechanical force. This combination provides maximum fat removal, lymphatic drainage and skin tightening. Thanks to that, the Tri-Lipo triple action effect is visible from the first treatment. Long-term body remodeling is achieved with a minimal number of treatments.

The Radio Frequency energy generates heat through tissue resistance in the dermal and subcutaneous layers. The selective and targeted electric heating of the skin stimulates and increases the metabolism of lipids in the subcutaneous fat layer and the remodeling of collagen in the dermal layer. In the subcutaneous fat layer, the thermal effect accelerates the natural fat metabolism and the release of liquid fat from the fat cells into the extracellular matrix.

Dynamic Muscle Activation Technology

Simultaneous application of internal and external pressure to the fat layer accelerates drainage of the released liquid fat. Internally, the Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) pulses stimulate the muscle layer, causing the muscle to contract. This contraction lifts the muscle and pushes the fat cells to the surface.

Pressure Applicator

At the same time, the mechanical pressure of the applicator presses the skin from above. The combined internal and external pressure increases liquid fat removal through accelerated lymphatic drainage.

Tri-Lipo forces fat drainage in homogeneous heating and accelerated blood and lymphatic circulation, which optimizes oxygenation and detoxification of the tissues. In the dermal layer, the focused Radio Frequency heats collagen fibers, causing them to contract, resulting in immediate tightening and smoothing of the skin. In addition, the metabolism of fibroblasts is accelerated, resulting in collagen regeneration and long-term tightening and tightening of the skin.

The Lipofirm Bum Lift

A treatment that lifts and shapes your bum, leaving the area firm and toned. This non-surgical Bum Lift is one of the most popular treatments that uses the state-of-the-art techniques and can change the appearance of the body without the need for invasive fat reduction procedures.

This Bum Lift also reduces the appearance of cellulite for a smoother, defined, dimple-free appearance. The use of this treatment grants instant results from the first treatment. Apart from reducing cellulite and getting rid of unwanted fat, it also tones your skin without the need of surgery. Lipofirm Bum Lift allows you access to the attractive you have always wished for.

Ideal for those looking for a lift of your bum without surgery. Lipofirm Bum Lift is a popular non-surgical method for lifting, firming and strengthening your bum. During the treatment, you will feel the massaging sensation of the Dynamic Activation Technology all over the targeted area. The Tri-Lipo technology will make you feel a sensation of warmth as the handpiece is moved over the area. It is possible to target specific areas and get immediate results for a glute lift and rest assured that the results will continue to improve during the treatment sessions. This is a surefire way to lift your bum and reduce cellulite without invasive techniques or cosmetic surgery.

The Lipofirm

Tummy Tuck

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The Lipofirm Tummy Tuck treatment transforms the “mummy tummy” internally and externally, returning your tummy to the same look it had before pregnancy. Another benefit worth to talk about is the tightening of the loose skin, granting you a youthful look. This treatment can be your best ally against the consequences pregnancy had on your body.

Designed to completely rejuvenate the appearance of the tummy. The Lipofirm Tummy Tuck is an ideal treatment for those wishing to tighten the skin or for women who are unhappy with the “mother bump” after having a baby. During the treatment, a handpiece is moved over the area to deliver Radio Frequency energy that tightens and firms the skin. Certain areas may be targeted more than others, making this a completely bespoke body rejuvenation treatment tailored to you.

The LP tummy tuck is specifically designed to tighten the skin and stimulate tissue repair in the abdominal area. This treatment uses Tri-Pollar Radio Frequency technology to stimulate the production of collagen in the body. This make the treatment ideal for post-pregnancy mummy bellies or those who have lost weight through diet to regenerate the area and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

The Lipofirm Tummy Contour

For patients who are dissatisfied with unwanted fat or areas of the abdomen with small pockets of fat, body contouring treatments can provide a very welcome cosmetic solution that requires no protocols nor invasive treatment.

The Lipofirm Tummy Contour treatment targets the fat, which is ideal for body reshaping as well as long term inch-loss. The DMA technology improves your abdominal strength, improving the tummy contouring. Additionally, the Tri-Lipo technology tightens and firms your skin through Radio Frequency, improving the overall result.

This “two-in-one” treatment is ideal for women who are unhappy with the appearance of their belly after childbirth, as pregnancy can have adverse effects on the body and leave the skin saggy.

A far cry from surgical methods of fat reduction, this tummy contouring relies on thermal energy to destroy unwanted fat in specific areas of the body. Simultaneously, this same treatment helps to tighten the skin and rejuvenate the overall appearance of the body. An effective alternative to liposuction, the Lipofirm Tummy Contour treatment represents a real breakthrough in non-surgical fat reduction. Suitable for both male and female patients. Everyone who underwent this treatment have enjoyed a fast, effective and painless treatment with this revolutionary energy assisted device.

This treatment is specially designed to target the abdomen and not only provides immediate centimeter loss but also works on the muscles under the skin. This non-invasive treatment is so short it can be performed during your lunch break. Lipofirm Tummy Contour relies on a combination of technologies in a single platform to make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your tummy, both immediately after the treatment and in the following months.

This treatment aims to define the abdominal area by accelerating natural fat metabolism, creating an instant loss of inches in the circumference area while stimulating the muscles with the Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) for increased core strength. This shaping treatment will also promote natural collagen regeneration to firm up the loose skin of the abdomen.

The Lipofirm Cellulite Eraser

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When it comes to looking for the best cellulite reduction treatments, it is time to give up on creams that promise a lot. You should start considering to invest in a non-surgical solution that uses an energy enhancing device to improve you appearance to reduce cellulite.

Lipofirm Cellulite Eraser is the perfect treatment to forget about cellulite. It rapidly reduces cellulite ensuring your bum and legs to look smooth. It is so effective it starts eliminating the stubborn and old cellulite and stretch marks with the first session. As a result, your skin will look 100% dimple free and naturally toned. Thanks to the combination of Tri-Lipo and DMA, the results last longer without the need of following an exhausting exercise routine to keep them.

Eliminating the need for painful and invasive cosmetic procedures to remove fat and reduce cellulite (such as liposuction). Unlike the a liposuction, Lipofirm will not leave unsatisfactory and uneven results. Lipofirm minimizes the appearance of cellulite in areas previously considered incredibly impossible to treat, such as the bum and the tummy.

An ideal treatment that targets unwanted toxins and fat in the body to break down the fatty deposits we call cellulite. The Lipofirm Cellulite Eraser uses Tri-Lipo and Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) technology to improve the appearance of cellulite by improving and stimulating blood flow, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage. Although this treatment reduces cellulite, it also provides an instant lift, tightening and reshaping the area for a smooth and toned appearance.

It is the perfect treatment for breaking down and eliminating cellulite. This rejuvenating treatment helps smoothing your skin, removing dimples and leaves you looking toned. During the treatment, a handpiece is moved over the bum and/or legs, releasing Radio Frequency energy that not only breaks down fat, but also firms the skin. During the treatment session, the experience is similar to receiving a professional massage. Lipofirm Cellulite Eraser is a reliable and safe body rejuvenation method that uses completely non-surgical techniques to transform the way you feel about your body.

Many are the advantages of using Lipofirm Cellulite Eraser, among them you can find:
• effective fat reduction of this treatment
• reliable bum lifting results
• no downtime
• no pain
• no need to go through surgery
• no overnight hospital stay
• no risks such as infection, bruising or bleeding
• instant firming results, as it is the only treatment that gives results from session 1
• reduction in visual appearance of cellulite

Fast Fat Reduction

If you are interested in undergoing a quick and effective fat reduction treatment Lipofirm is what you should be looking for. This treatment does not require invasive techniques or cosmetic surgery. After this post you may find that Lipofirm body contouring treatments are the answer you are looking for.

This modern and affordable form of body contouring is an ideal non-invasive way to improve the appearance of areas of the body you may want to improve. Easily transform the look of areas like your tummy and bum, giving you the perfect look that you deserve. This non-surgical treatment will not only to reduce fat but also to improve the appearance of cellulite.

The Lipofirm treatment uses thermal energy to reduce fat and is ideal for people who want to reshape their body without painful treatments like liposuction. With treatment sessions lasting as short as 30 minutes in most cases. The perfect rapid fat reduction treatment is now a reality with this unique, award-winning body contouring solution.

Available only in the best clinics and cosmetic salons. Fast Fat Reduction Treatment with Lipofirm offers patients a reliable and safe method of body shaping, gives excellent results and no downtime. Safe and affordable, not to mention it is suitable for both male and female patients. Note that this form of body contouring treatment is gaining popularity due to its long-term benefits.

With this form of treatment fat can be reduced and cellulite can be significantly improved. It is no surprise that celebrities are big fans. So much so that they told their legions of fans on social media about their fat loss and skin tightening treatments.

Featured in the national press and many popular women’s magazines, Lipofirm is THE rapid fat reduction treatment. Its quality has been clinically proven. This fast body contouring treatment is perfect for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their body in the shortest possible time.

Reducing the fat during your lunch break is possible thanks to the unique technology that makes this form of fat reduction treatment better than any other treatment. Patients report how comfortable the treatment is and are consistently impressed with the speed of treatment compared to other body contouring procedures.

The skin will appear firmer and the fat can be reduced with multiple treatments over a period of time. There is no downtime associated with this form of fat reduction and patients can leave the clinic and return to work or home once the body contouring treatment is complete.

Not all of us are naturally blessed with slim bodies and toned, firm skin. There’s no need to panic, however, as body shaping treatments like Lipofirm can help reduce fat and firm skin, and even reduce cellulite on stubborn areas.

Whether you want to reduce fat in areas where diet and exercise alone cannot change, or firm up skin that may have lost elasticity due to weight gain or loss or pregnancy. You may only want to treat a small area, or there may be larger areas of the body that you hope to improve in appearance. Either way, body contouring treatments are a great non-surgical way to improve problem areas. From thighs to tummy, Lipofirm offers non-invasive body contouring treatments are a reliable and safe way to transform problem areas that don’t improve with clean eating or hitting the gym. You can feel good about yourself again by trying one of the amazing body shaping treatments the device has to offer.

During the treatment, a small handpiece is moved over the affected area, for example the thighs or the abdomen, and as the energy is released, the skin can be immediately tightened, which in many cases results in a instant inch loss. With treatment times of just 20-30 minutes, it’s not hard to see why this remarkable form of body contouring treatment is one of the most talked about forms of fat reduction and skin tightening.

The Lipofirm treatment will give you visible results since the first treatment, but, even so, we recommend you to follow the 8 treatments taken a week apart to ensure long lasting results. Feel free to visit their website ( where you can find the testimonials of many celebrities, professionals and experts that underwent this treatment. Please, contact us for more information on our non-surgical treatments available.

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