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How to Achieve that Skin Glow

How to Achieve that Skin Glow

I love how the trend at the moment is to get that ultimate glowing skin the natural plump glow that looks so radiant and natural. However getting there is a whole other story and unless you are blessed with the genes of the Greek Gods lets face it you have to work on it and I mean work. But, I believe if you work hard, work smart and if you are working smart keep it simple. I believe that the skin needs a 360 degree approach, a holistic one to help one achieve the glow that one deserves.

I always say to my clients that a facial or a face treatment is only about 20 or 30% and the other 70% comes from your own individual efforts; So yes put on the SPF, yes, moisturise at home and yes, stick to the routine I gave you since the whole reason why I do my job is to help you. So do me a favour and a big one at that, help you so I can help you too.

My Trifecta to Great Skin

One – Medical Grade Skincare

So no surprises here I literally mean medical grade skincare, this is your actives the stuff that really goes in deep and sorts the issues out. Medical grade skincare is more potent and they work a ton better than the OTC stuff. These are almost always prescribed to you by a skincare specialist and you will not be able to get them from Boots.

Two – Good at Home Skincare Regime

A good regime means you are taking your skin to the place it needs to go. There is no point going to get a treatment, facial or procedure if you do not sort your self home at home to. It’s like getting knee surgery and then not doing physio. So, sticking to your routine at home is key, I mean we all forget but don’t let that deter you from using your products at home everyday. And remember a good at home skincare regime has to always include Sunscreen SPF, always, everyday even in the winter, even in the rain, even on a cloudy day. The Sun is the main factor of ageing in the skin and lets not forget pigmentation!

Three- Overall Health

Our skin is effected by a lot both internally and externally from pollution, hormones and stress and they all cause havoc on our skin. So maintaining good mental health and wellness is key. I know that its hard to be on top form all the time but remember the better mentally you are the better your skin will be. The same is for you internally, maintaining good fitness and health really does get the blood flow to the skin and help with that glow. Also is something is off in our bodies it can cause the skin to react. So make sure you are healthy both inside and out.

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