C-LINE - Revitacare Facial

Non-invasive and painless, the C Line Touch invents the manual beauty care of tomorrow by integrating the unique power of Electroporation and micro-currents in one session.- Giving you a unique facial everytime!


Rejuvenate Program

  • A combination of currents to boost the cosmetic actives according to the skin’s needs.
  • Anti-ageing treatments
  • Any cosmetic active ingredient Customisable program

Glow Program

  • An exclusive light current to improve blood microcirculation and blood flow.
  • Dark circles, dull skin Venous dilatation
  • Increase in oxygen levels

Lift program

  • A stimulating current for the Electrolift of the skin muscles and the face.
  • Stimulation Toning
  • Skin firming
Specifically Designed to the molecular weight of Revitacare products to give you 100% product penetration into the cells! By using High concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid to plump, rejuvenate and hydrate!

What is Electroporation?

lectroporation is the application of an electric current passing through the skin and cell membrane in order to open pores and create channels through which product can penetrate into the skin cells and to the dermis. The C-Line Touch is an intradermal electroporation device that penetrates the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin allowing for up to 100% penetration of the product! Allowing more efficient delivery of products into the skin cells. Specifically designed to penetrate Revitacare C-Line products. This Technology can be used for the face and body including sensitive areas such as the eyes and lips!

The applicators are designed so that they can reach under the eye and target smaller areas where larger devices cannot.

Electroporation can help:

Expression lines and wrinkles
Face firming and toning
Oily skin
Skin rejuvenation
Skin hydration
Brightening of the skin

Personalized care
The skin diagnosis and the diversity of the C Line Touch microcurrents offer an optimal personalization of the care.

Targeted Control & Ideal comfort in every session
The C Line Touch works to target specific areas without any pain or sensation like an exoskeleton on your fingers. It stands out for its precision in sensitive areas thanks to its manual and intuitive use.
11 combines the agility of your movements with the intuitiveness of your grip to guarantee a pleasant session comfort.

Ex: Eye contour, lip contour

Instantly visible results
The C Line Touch offers universal penetration of cosmetic ingredients and immediate results.

Exclusively, the C Line Touch benefits from the expertise of our engineers with the intelligent software USER ASSIST®.

A multi step facial incorporating Electroporation and the latest Micro-current technology allowing product penetration of the Highest Quality products made by Laboratories Revitacare a french laboratory founded in 2003, specialised in research, design, manufacturing of medical devices based on hyaluronic acid. This Machine allows for upwards of 36 different combinations via 3 different modalities to provide your clients with the bespoke tailored facial they would need! Allowing you to treat all skin types and ages. The C Line Touch Machine has been specifically designed to cater to the molecular weight of Revitacare products providing 100% of the product to penetrate into the skin without using any needles.

Lipofirm Pro Packages & Prices

Main body areas and treatments done with Lipofirm Pro:
bum lift, thigh reduction/cellulite reduction, tummy tightening, love handles, arm reduction or back bra area

For Skin Type/ Condition

All Types

Optimal Result

4-8 sessions maybe required

Treatment Duration

30-40 minutes (this is per body area)



Comfort level

Relaxing and heat sensation in treatment area

One body treatment area

Introductory offer / tester one session only


One session only/pay as you go


Two sessions


Four sessions


Eight sessions

Two body treatment areas

One session only/pay as you go


Two sessions


Four sessions


Eight sessions


Results, Case Studies & Feedback

Have a look at the before and afters:

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REVITACARE is a French laboratory founded in 2003 with the conviction that “Beauty starts with skin quality”.

Over time, the health of our skin is directly impacted by our lifestyle and external factors. The secret for preserving it is to take care of it as early as possible.

Renowned as a key player in the field of aesthetic medicine thanks to its injectable medical devices, REVITACARE offers highly elaborated formulas combining biotechnologically sourced hyaluronic acids with complexes of specific ingredients to prevent and correct skin aging effects.



Electroporation current


Combine the “Rejuvenate” (10 minutes) and “Glow” (5 minutes) programmes


For the ” Glow “


Combine the “Rejuvenate” (10 minutes) and “Glow” (5 minutes) programmes


” Glow programme”


“Muscular stimulation”


Use the “Muscular stimulation” programme of the machine (10 minutes)

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